10 Things We NEED in Cyberpunk 2077 – right NOW!

Speaking solely from my own experience, I find Cyberpunk 2077 to be a fantastic game. No, it isn’t perfect and it has its fair share of bugs, but playing on PC, and having little to no issues, I find it to be extremely engaging, immersive, and addictingly fun. 

Of course, it’s always fun to come up with ideas to make our favorite games better, and make for an overall better player experience, so-  here are the 10 things I want to see added in Cyberpunk 2077:

#1: The Ability to Upgrade and Customize Vehicles 

Alright, I think I know what most of you are thinking and yes, flying vehicles would be freaking awesome! Unfortunately, I think in its current state, something like that would break the game. However, I would LOVE to see it added in DLC. Or perhaps it’s something the devs are already working on for multiplayer – which, btw, I can not WAIT for!

But for now… wouldn’t it be awesome if you could upgrade and customize your vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077? When it comes to both cosmetics and performance? Perhaps a skill tree just for vehicles where you can invest points to spec into speed or traction. Or, what if there was an NPC you could visit, similar to a Ripperdock. Except it was a shop where you could pay to upgrade your vehicle.

For example, increase durability or dmg resist, or your ability to accelerate faster, or turn tighter. And what if at this shop, you could also customize your paint job. Adding stickers or decals, hood ornaments. You could change the interior, the head and tail lights color, or the tires and rims… or make it lifted if you want? PIMP MY RIDE ANYONE?

#2: Transmog System

So I know we have a costume slot and all… but tbh, I find the costumes I’ve acquired in-game to be a little… dissappointing…

I’m a sucker for Fashion Per Second in any game. And I think when it comes to customizing our character, we want as many options as possible. Not only is it fun to change your look and up your FPS. But I think it gives you an even more immersive experience. When you have the freedom to make your character your own. 

A Transmog system in Cyberpunk where you could collect recipes or motifs to change the look of your gear. Without having to lose out on armor or unlock the necessary passives if you aren’t big on crafting. It would be awesome to have the option to simply change your hair color, hairstyle. Or piercings, etc. when you were in your apartment. Or in front of a mirror, or perhaps a hairdresser NPC?

I’d also love the option to hide pieces like your helm or jacket. Say you love the top you’re wearing but you can never see it under your jacket? Or a hat that causes your hair to clip or hides it all together? Or what if at an arms dealer, for example. You could apply skins to your guns and weapons as you could in Borderlands 3? Say you help out the Tyger Claws. And unlock some cool skins for your armor or gear to match their aesthetic? 

#3. Additional Options in Character Creation 

Speaking of customizations, I know we have a ton of options when it comes to character creation. I mean from eyes to gentiles, with the variety and amount of options we get, it’s pretty hard to complain.

However, because there are so many unique options. I’m surprised some basic ones are missing. Like the ability to customize your body type, weight, and height. And this is something I would love to see added to the game.

#4. Crafter NPCs

We touched on this a moment ago, but for those not interested in crafting. Or don’t want to spec their attribute points into Technical Ability. It would be cool if there was an option to have NPCs craft items for you. In The Witcher 3, there was a system, with Blacksmiths. And NPCs with different skill levels that you could pay to craft for you. As long as you had the money, components, and recipe, etc. It would be awesome if Cyberpunk had something similar. Where certain NPCs could craft you different gear or weapons as long as you had the eddies and necessary items. 

I could actually see this being an awesome feature in the multi-player. Where you can choose a job or skill to master like in Wow, and crafting could be someone’s expertise where you go to that person to craft for you.

Btw, I know I said this already, but seriously Cyberpunk multi-player – when?” I’m ready!

#5. Improved Crafting

On the subject of crafting, if your familiar with how it works in Cyberpunk 2077. In order to craft an *iconic* weapon or piece of armor, you not only need the recipe and components. But you also need to have the original iconic to craft it again.

This can be quite a pain if you’re hooked on crafting iconic weapons and you’re crawling throughout the game. Because you’re carrying too much and your inventory is overflowing with iconic weapons and gear. It’d be awesome if once you picked up an iconic weapon, or equipped it, it was added to your “collections”. And you could scrap the item and still craft it later on.

#6. The Ability to Lock Items

Don’t you just hate it when you’re over incumbered and you rush to free up space. And realize you just accidentally dismantled an iconic weapon…

Now, I know with items you have equipped, this isn’t an issue. BUT, as we mentioned earlier, what if you’re holding on to iconic weapons for crafting. Or perhaps some are worth a lot and you want to sell them. And I know we have our stash and all. But what if sometimes you just like to swap out between two different types of sniper rifles? Depending on the mission you’re doing. And don’t want both equipped at once because you want a shotgun on hand for close-range attacks.

BTW, in addition to locking items you want to keep, there are also items you may NOT want to keep. Say some of Johnny’s items you may acquire that don’t fit your aesthetic. Yet you can’t stash, sell or DESHmantle them. And they’re taking up space! 

#7. More Interactable Items

Again, it’s hard to complain when this game has SO MANY THINGS. BUT, as always we want MORE! MORE!!! (Adam Driver meme) I would love to see even more interactable items in-game. Like how you can change the TV in a house. Or the radio station at a boombox or in a vehicle. What if in the arcade you could play a minigame. Like you could in Borderlands 3. And get the chance at some eddies or cool loot?

Or what if at a clothing store, you could actually walk into the dressing room. And try on your clothes in front of the mirror? For a more immersive experience. AND, getting to preview it on your character BEFORE you blow all your eddies on it. A “try before you buy” kind of thing. (vs. just viewing it in your inventory AFTER you purchase it).

#8. Ambiance/BG Music

I love the music in Cyberpunk 2077. And I’m streaming it so I’m even playing with only copyright-free music and missing out on artists like Grimes. The music during cutscenes and story missions really sets the tone and feel of the moment. As does the intense combat music during fights. But it would be awesome to have an option to turn on “ambient” music. Whenever you’re just out in the world exploring.

I love being able to change the radio in my vehicle or when I find a random boombox or something. But I think it would be great if they added an option for ongoing background music. Something that could be playing whenever you’re just messing around in-game. And not necessarily in a battle or main story mission.

#9. More Interactive NPCs

I touched on this in a few items earlier when we talked about having a car mechanic or body shop. Where you can customize vehicles. Or a crafting NPC that could craft for you. I think additional NPCs you could interact with like say a hairdresser or tattoo artist would be super cool. What if you could also go to a Tattoo Artist NPC. And pay to get a tattoo in the style/color you wanted? Say a gang or brand logo or even Jackie’s face? Imagine the feels!

Or a salon where you could change your nail color. Or get hair extensions. Or imagine if there was even a place to get plastic surgery… Can you tell I really want that RP experience? 

#10. More Unique Quest Rewards

What if after completing a quest, you unlocked a unique item relating to that quest. Say you did a gig for the Maelstrom gang and could choose between a sticker. Or a tattoo as a quest reward. You could add the sticker to your vehicle or apply the tattoo at a tattoo artist NPC we mentioned earlier. I know you can do a lot with screenshots. But wouldn’t it be even cooler to add things like this to your character? Or your vehicle? Or maybe you could earn a poster to hang in your apartment?

Speaking of… I feel like we should be able to display our collection of vinyl records we’ve been hoarding… just sayin’. Or what if you got Panam’s or Jackie’s hairstyle added to your “collections”? After completing “The Heist” or the “Ghost Town” quests, or maybe you got Judy’s tatts after completing “The Information” quest. 

*Potential spoiler alert* so listen to the next 30 seconds with caution. There are already ofc, some unique quest rewards. Earlier I mentioned the Overwatch gun you can get after completing the “Riders on the Storm” quest. Or how you get Jackie’s bike after the “Heroes” quest. Or Johnny’s gear as you progress in the story, etc.

Btw, if you need help getting some of these items, be sure to check out my Top 5 MUST-HAVES guide. Or watch the video here.

Overall, I think even more costumes or additional quest rewards you could earn or unlock. And some unique to that particular mission would be an awesome addition to the game. 

And one last BONUS Idea… what if Cyberpunk 2077 had SEASONAL EVENTS? Not only would this prolong the life of the game because it gives you a reason to keep coming back. But themed events with unique missions that could unlock new cosmetics or drop special loot. I think this would be so awesome. And a great way to keep the community engaged while keeping the content fresh and new.

BUT what I really wanna know is…

What do YOU GUYS want to see added to Cyberpunk 2077? Did you agree with any of the ones I mentioned? Is there an idea you want added that I missed? Let me know in the comments on this video.