Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 MUST-HAVES

What’s awesome about my list of Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 MUST-HAVES? You can get most of these early on in the game. Even if you’re lower level.

Whether you’re going for a Netrunner build with a focus on hacking and stealth. Or you’re focusing more on a solo class with an emphasis on body and brute force. In my opinion, these must-have items are awesome to have, especially early on. They’re a ton of fun, and easy to get. And, just a blast to have on-hand, no matter which type of build you’re running.

#1 [FREE] Legendary Mantis Blades

Now, there are a variety of awesome Mantis Blades out there, but most are level locked. And, that can be a pain, especially if these are something you definitely want to get your hands on. I’ll show you how to get a LEGENDARY pair of Mantis Blades, for FREE! That you can use at ANY level.

This pair of Legendary Mantis Blades can be found in an alleyway near Corpo Plaza in City Center. Zoom in on your map and look for the roundabout. Look for a road heading NorthWest from the roundabout. You should see an exclamation mark on your map near a fast travel point. Track this side job and start heading in that direction. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you approach this building: Night City, Center of Behavioural Health. 

Once you head down the alleyway on the left side of the building, you’ll get a call from Regina. (As you do with most side gigs that pop up once near your current location). She’ll ask you to take down the Cybersycho located in the room just ahead. HOWEVER, you can actually run in and steal these Legendary Mantis Blades WITHOUT having to go anywhere near the Cyberpyscho. You can literally just run in, loot the blades from the crate and run back out. That’s it!

Remember, you’ll have to visit a Ripperdock to install any Cyberware. Including these blades, but once you do, you can start going HAM on mobs. You can even hold and release to lunge at enemies and I promise, these legendary Mantis Blades, will not disappoint.

#2 Double Jump

Double Jump is great for many reasons. Not only are they super fun but they can really come in handy in multiple situations. You can explore high locations like a rooftop that could have unique loot. Or, use them to your advantage in a fight where you climb something really tall. This can give you the higher ground.

The Cyberware you’ll want to purchase is called Reinforced Tendons (for legs). I believe you can pick these up at most Ripperdocks. However, I love going to our buddy Vic because… he’s kind of a G… But, no matter which Ripperdoc you visit, they will cost the same. 

Keep in mind, this Cyberware does cost $45k eddies. BUT the good news is, you can level up your Street Cred pretty fast. Do gigs and side missions, as these pay pretty well and they definitely add up. I’ve been taking my time with my first playthrough, since I’m RPing my character. Focusing mainly on side quests, after only playing a few days, I’ve got about 100k eddies. And, that’s even after upgrading my Cyberdeck which cost quite a bit. You can also sell gear and weapons.

I tend to dismantle most junk to use the contents for upgrading and crafting. I tend to sell anything that sells for $200 or more. Btw, to easily level stealth and street cred, you can do so by helping out the cops. Remember to clean up your mess by looking for a place to dump the bodies. Like dumpsters, or the trunk of a car, maybe even a fridge. In doing so, you’re not only hiding the evidence and cleaning up the city. But, you’re also leveling up your stealth and street cred as well. 

I’m not sure what level is required to have access to these. But, I know you can get them as low as level 10 Street Cred. So, as long as you’re level 10 or higher, you should be good. Notice there are two options when selecting this Cyberware, Charged Jump? And Double Jump? Personally, I think the Charged Jump mechanic seems is similar to the animation you get with Mantis Blades. (Where you hold and release to lunge at an enemy). Of course, with Charged Jump, you jump higher and vertically. (Not across, but to me, the animation is pretty similar). So, I prefer the double jump. It takes me back to my Mario 64 days. I just love the ability to double jump in any game. 

#3 Jackie’s Bike – [Arch]

Now, when it comes to driving in Cyberpunk 2077, I wouldn’t say I’m the best… Driving around on a bike is much easier (at least for me). I definitely recommend getting one. AND, you can actually get the one belonging to your beloved buddy Jackie Wells: Jackie’s Bike – Arch.

Now, this isn’t really a spoiler, considering it was in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. However, if you somehow missed it, you may want to skip to the next item on the list, now. BTW, I DID know this was coming… and it still got me. I ended up bursting into tears live on stream. I gotta say is when it comes to the story and your connection to these characters… the devs did a fantastic job because this game gives me all the feels.

At the end of The Heist story mission, you’ll have the option to choose what happens to Jackie’s body. I chose “Take him home, to his family.” After you’ve finished the prologue, you’ll unlock a side quest called “Heroes” where you need to call Jackie’s mom, Mama Wells. During this quest, you’ll visit Jackie’s garage where you can choose an item to bring as tribute for the ofrenda. I chose the belt and when talking to Misty, I didn’t try to convince her to come.

I know other people that chose something else in the garage like the book. Or, chose to encourage Misty to go to the ofrenda and were still able to get the bike. But I believe some people never received the bike after taking to Mama Wells at the Ofrenda. So be sure to take your time and consider all the options when making your choices during this quest. Once Mama Wells gives you the keys to Jackie’s bike, it will be permanently added to your collection of vehicles. You can summon with “V” and trust me, Jackie’s Arch is a pretty sweet ride! I have a blast riding around on this thing while exploring Night City. I event went out to the Badlands to mess around.

#4 A Good Cyberdeck

In my first playthrough, I chose Street Kid for my lifepath, with a focus on hacking. And a good Cyberdeck is clutch if you’re going for a Netrunner build and/or planning on doing a lot of Quichacks. You can view your Cyberdeck in your inventory under Cyberware. And you can purchase or upgrade your Cyberdeck from a Ripperdock. When shopping for a good Cyberdeck, you’ll want to focus on these three factors:

Ram (the battery juice you’ll need to execute Quickhacks)

Buffer Size, which is how many “moves” you get when unlocking demons and rewards while initiating Breach Protocol

Slots (or the amount of Quickhacks) you have access too.

Cyberdecks can be a little costly, but again, they are a great thing to invest in early on. Especially if you enjoy hacking and you’d rather spend your eddies on a good cyberdeck instead of a vehicle. And, now you can since we’ll be riding around on Jackie’s bike that we got for FREE. If you need help with Quickhacks, check out my complete Quickhacks guide here.

#5 [FREE] Rare/Iconic Power Sniper Rifle w/ Custom Silencer – [Overwatch]

And the last item on my list is this beast of a gun, the one, the only, OVERWATCH. I’ll be honest… this thing is indeed… a BEAST. Its FULL POTENTIAL unlocks at Body 6. But even as a Netrunner, not spacing into Body, this thing is still insanely powerful. Now, you may feel a bit sluggish lugging around this monstrosity, but it does some incredible damage. You can literally one-shot baddies with this thing.

Plus, it comes with its own custom silencer… perfect for those stealth missions. And the best part? You can get this rare/iconic power sniper rifle for FREE by helping out the lovely Panam. Not a bad price to pay, if you ask me.

Once you progress in the main story and help your buddy Takemura, you’ll unlock the side quest Ghost Town. Here you’ll meet Panam. Once you complete this quest, you’ll unlock another called “Riders on the Storm”. Once completed, Panam will give you this as a reward. Pretty cool, huh?

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